Coordinative Committee of Youth

The Coordinative Committee of Youth of the Panpontian Federation of Greece was formed on May 2006. It consists of fifteen members that represent the five District Committees of Youth of the P.F.G.


The aims of the Committee, as mentioned in the Functional statute, are the following:


- Strengthening the relationship, nourishing bonds of friendship, communication and cooperation with other confederacies of youth and other Pontian commissions abroad, cohesive expression and action of the Pontians in an international level.


- Harvesting and providing information with the use of new technologies in cultural, social and political matters that concern young people, in order to discover, form and emerge the special abilities and interests of young people.


- Realization of national and European programs for education, erudition and specialization in fields of culture.


From the beginning of its form, the Coordinative Committee of Youth has developed an intense activity taking on and accomplishing events of cultural, spiritual and political interest. A reference to these events is made in the passages below.


- On 26-28 of August 2005 the 1st National Meeting of Pontian Youth was organized at the place of Saint Nikolaos in Naousa on responsibility of the District Council of Pontiac Societies’ Association in Central Macedonia and Thessaly.


- In August 2006, the 2nd National Meeting of Pontian Youth took place in Kozani. Distinguished scientists expounded their theories on all-time current matters of Pontian genocide and language, the role of Youth in the Pontian sphere and the institutionalization of her body.


- On 24-26 of August the 3rd National Meeting of Pontian Youth took place in Athens.


1st Subject Session “Youth and Tradition”:  1st subject: “The Dynamics of Pontian Tradition”, Dr. Nikos Lygeros – strategic consultant and Dr. Antonis Pavlidis – sociologist, 2nd subject: “The new generation of Pontians in the forefront: challenges and meditations for the creative action”, Mrs. Vaso Kollia, secretary General to New Race.


2nd Subject Session “Pontian Youth and prospects – young people have the word”: two subjects with young canvassers, a) “The role of Pontian youth in the organized Pontian sphere” and, b) “The European prospects of Turkey”.


- The 4rth National Meeting of Pontian Youth took place on 29-30-31 of August 2008 in the city of Kavala. The subject sessions included speeches of Theodosis Kyriakidis, doctorate candidate in newer history, on “The Pontiac studies of 21st century” and of Styliani Letsiou, doctorate candidate of Macedonia University, on “Russo phony of the 3rd generation Greek expatriates”.


- In May 2007 the Coordinative Committee of Youth of the P.F.G. organized:


a) A gala in cooperation with the Armenian Committee of Youth and the Association of Pontian Students of Thessaloniki on

 “Armenian – Pontiac: Two genocides – one criminal”


b) A international gala in Komotini in cooperation with the National Association of Pontian Educators, the Association of Pontian Societies of East Macedonia and Thrace and the Pontian Associations in the district of Rodope on

“Three genocides, one strategy”


In September of the same year, the Coordinative Committee of Youth in cooperation with District Committee of Youth of the Pontian Societies’ Association in Thessaloniki, the Investigatory Centre of Saint George Peristereona and the Armenian Youth of Greece organized a gala on “The changes in the field of historical west Armenia: Thoughts from a journey in the past” and the central speaker was Richard Hovannisian, the professor emeritus of UCLA.



The Coordinative Committee of Youth, the members of which geographically represent all areas of Greece, has as first priority in the sphere of its action the mounting of

- The 2nd International Conference of Youth,

- The 5th National Meeting of Pontian Youth,

- The incorporation of a subject relative with the genocide and the Pontian tradition in the National School Artistry Competition in Painting, and

- Finding 6 scholarships for doctorate candidates in the scientific subject of Pontian Hellenism.